Autostazione di Udine

Autostazione di Udine: Autostazione di Udine è collocata tra Viale Europa Unita e Viale Leopardi. Dista dalla Stazione Ferroviaria circa 200 metri ad essa collegata mediante un sottopassaggio, garantendo così un ottimo servizio intermodale. Autostazione di Udine, Udine, Friuli, Friuli Venezia Giulia, autostazione, bus, autobus, viaggi, trasporti, servizio corriere, sala d'aspetto, biglietteria, deposito bagagli, percorsi, informazioni, saf, apt, atvo, atap


Since 2012 l'Autostazione di Udine is operated by Autostazione di Udine S.r.l., which also owns the property. The objectives of Autostazione di Udine S.r.l. are geared to meet the needs of mobility, information, comfort of travelers. With a new restyling the Autostazione di Udine wants to hire the profile of a modern multi-purpose station, where work in synergy both public and private operators who carry out their work in it.

Autostazione di Udine S.r.l. has as its mission the creation of a dynamic and functional station in which the services supporting mobility meet with the production requirements and commercial city of Udine. To meet the growing needs of users, the Autostazione was equipped with a modern information system for managing the times of departure and arrival to and from Udine. Were also introduced some new services to customers such as:

  • Covered and open bicycle storage and rent (in activation)
  • Car port rental in the bus terminal
  • Day and night tourist bus parking
  • Luggage storage
  • Disabled person support in the bus terminal
  • Inside information display panel
  • Female toilet withe baby changing table
  • Area with video surveillance system
  • Security guard system in the whole area
  • Eletric charging station for bicycles, cars and motorcycles (in activation)
  • Electric pedal assisted cycle rental (in activation)
  • Bar service

Near Autostazione di Udine there are also numerous hotels, restaurants and rental company vehicles, to further meet the demands and needs of those traveling for business or pleasure.

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Weekdays 06:00 - 19:50

Holidays CHIUSO

Where we are

Viale Europa Unita, 35/8
33100 Udine (UD)